Moss Garden

Discover the allure of Moss Garden, a captivating turf material crafted to perfection by Number One Turf. This exceptional blend combines straight monofilament fibers with textured fibers, featuring a root effect that gracefully upholds the fibers without any compromise in their fall. 

Why Choose Moss Garden?

The high-density composition of Moss Garden not only guarantees an everlasting lushness but also delivers a soft and luxurious texture, creating an outdoor oasis that mirrors the elegance of nature. With Moss Garden, your outdoor space transforms into a verdant sanctuary, where innovation harmoniously meets the soft embrace of nature.






Product Description

Product Name: Moss Garden

Colour: Straight monofilament

Application: Garden

Roll Size: 15'

Total Weight

Total: 62 oz/sq yd


Composition: Polyethylene & Polypropylene in Curl

Type: Straight monofilament

Dtex: 12.800

Pile Height: 13/8 inch

Gauge: 3/8

Stitches/m2: 1170 sqft

Total Fiber Weight: 70 oz/sq yd

Primary Base: Polypropylene

Secondary Base: PU Backing


UV Stability: Scale 5 (UNE-EN 1436-2005/AC)

Permeability: 85 l/min/sqm (UNE=EN 12616:2003)

Inflammability: Class 2 (UNE-EN 13501-1)

Fiber Pull Out: Superior to 30N (ISO 4919:1978)

Toxicity: FREE (DIN 18035-7)


Recommended infill: 0 19/32" Stabilization

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